Crochet Ideas

So, I’ve been searching for various Halloween inspired crochet patterns, because it’s that time of the year. And I found these!


They are so cute that I can’t stand it! Just crochet around some wire coat hangers and see where it goes!!


Bipolar Slump

I know I haven’t been on here in a while and I apologize to all of ya’ll that actually follow my crazy crap. I’ve had a rough little while, had a bad hit while I was already in a downswing, so I’m feeling worse that I have in a very long time. I am crafting until my fingers bleed just to get my mind off of things. I finished a scarf, and started two more. Scarves are easy, I don’t have to think about them while I’m making them.


I had been working on this one since New Years. It’s the first thing I ever knit, and I just went and went until I ran out of yarn. It turned out pretty good.


Mom got me some fancy hard-to-work-with yarn. So I decided to knit a scarf. I have pulled this darn thing out twice to get the right size, but I think I’m finally happy with it.



I hope I have enough yarn to finish this one. The pattern is one of my own design, and I rather like it. I’ve got four 4 balls of this yarn, and I hope it’s enough to finish this thing!

Thanks to everyone who watches my posts and comments. It always makes me feel better to get an encouraging thought when I’m feeling horrible.


I haven’t posted anything crafty in a while. So here’s a few nifty patterns.


Find the pattern HERE


This would make such a pretty bracelet. Find the pattern HEREĀ 

Another pretty pattern!


Tunisian Pebble Crochet! It would make a gorgeous pillow cover, or a rug. This pattern is for a dishcloth, which it would also be good for.

Pattern is HERE!

Gorgeous Pattern!

I came across this awesome pattern today. I must make one of these. That pattern would be pretty on a slouchy hat.


Get the pattern for it HERE!

Thought for the Day #2

The emotion of the day is nerve-wracked. I hate last minute plans. They are murder on my anxiety. To keep from going crazy I try and make plans 3-4 days in advance. At least 24 hours.Now I’m going to spend all day on edge, not knowing if it’s ok for me to sit here and chill out in my pjs or if I should go get dressed and get a shower.

To ease my brain, I’m just going to act like I had never thought there were going to be plans in the first place. In other words, play some Neverwinter and plan some of my crafty things.


I would love to make one of these. But it’s in my long term plans.


What’s this? Is that Tom Baker’s scarf from Dr Who? Why yes! Yes it is! And that is on my table for my next really large fiber project. I just started to learn to knit, and I’ve been crocheting for a little over a year. I think a project so big, while it would take me forever, it would get me used to changing colors and learning the basic knit stitch. Aside from that, I would have an awesome point on my geek card.

Thought of the day – Aura migraines suck.

Thought for the Day 1st Edition

The emotion of today is tired.

I’ve been trying to come down off of soda over the last week, slowly. And it has caused my energy to drop something awful. I woke up this morning about 10:30. Went downstairs to watch TV with dad, got under a blanket, and boom it was 2 pm! I think the lack of caffeine is causing my night meds to knock me out worse than usual. I have had a hard time shaking them this week.

What am I working on right now?


Almost done with this pretty blanket. It needs one more row and more brown and pink squares. But I don’t have much left on it! I love making baby blankets. My blanket was so important to me as a child growing up, and it still is. I would love to make something for someone that chases their fears away like mine did.

Thought of the day? Dog fur sticks to anything. Velour pants are like dog fur velcro.