Medication Mishaps


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Story of my life. I spent yesterday having missed my meds the night before. Mind you, I didn’t mean to miss them. I ended up at a friend’s too late, so I crashed in their spare room. But, because the bed was king size, different, and had few pillows, I got zero sleep. I also didn’t have my favorite trusty owl, and it didn’t smell like me. All of those combined means that I will never, ever, be able to get to sleep.

Yesterday, I coped with the migraine that not sleeping gives me, and parents who were snapping and yelling at each other all day. It’s not a good idea to startle the grumpy wolf under the blanket. That’s how people lose limbs.

All I wanted was to be left alone, so I could crawl under a blanket and disappear. However, I also didn’t want to be alone. Thus, the contradictory nature of, well, my nature. I hate days that I miss my meds. I’m angry, mouthy, annoyed and just plain not pleasant to be around. From now on, I’m going to fill an old med bottle with at least a round of one night’s worth of meds. Maybe that will help.