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Ripple Stitch N’uff

HodgePodge Crochet

Welcome the Ripple Stitch N’uff to the HodgePodge Crochet lineup of FREEBIES!! Ripple Stitch Nuff

This neck cuff can be totally customized to fit anyone. You can also change up your hook or your yarn for a completely different look! Make it longer and you have a super cute scarf. Make it wider and you have a show stopping afghan. Ripple Stitch Nuff

If you’d like to pick up your FREE copy, head on over to my Craftsy shop and get your yarn on your hook right now! If you’ve completed a N’uff, head on over to my facebook page to show it off. Ripple Stitch Nuff

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Dealing with Anger Issues

A New Crochet Adventure in The Yarn Box!!!!

Beatrice Ryan Designs


I have had such a great month Crocheting, Designing my Amazing Grace Free Pattern Series and Blogging!!!!  There was one more thing that happened that was so far over the moon, I hardly could wait to share it with you… (I did sneak in a couple mentions earlier this month).  I was hired by one of my favorite Free Pattern Websitesto write an article once a month… A dream come true!!!!  .


Let me introduce you to my latest adventure over at….  The Yarn Box…  If you are a Crochet-a-holic like me,,, you will love this site!!!  They are dedicated to providing a mammoth library of Free Crochet Patterns!!!!  Along with the free patterns, they have great information about all things crochet,,, They have a blog section with great articles!!!  If you are a Crochet Designer,,, You can submit your Free Crochet Patterns…

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Amazing Grace Free Crochet Pattern Series….

Beatrice Ryan Designs


Last month I released my most treasured crochet patterns so far… In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I released 4 amazing free patterns…  Thanks to all of you,,, They were all a huge success!!!!  If you haven’t check them out… These patterns along with a few others are available in my pattern tab at the top of this page or the individual links below the collage…


Amazing Grace Series collage watermark

  Amazing Grace Hat

Amazing Grace Headband

 Amazing Grace Prayer Shawl

Amazing Grace Snoodie


If you would like to help me bring these patterns and Breast Cancer Awareness to the forefront of crochet… Please hop over to my Ravelry Page and mark each one in your favorites and in your queue… By doing this… they will stay in view of many crocheters that haven’t joined us here at Beatrice Ryan Designs…  There is no monetary…

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This is gorgeous!

Conversations About Medications

Someone told me that I could cope without my medications. I snapped at them harder than I should have. They asked me why I was angry. This was my response.

“I am upset because it is an extremely sensitive subject. It makes me snap rather quickly. Because no one but me has to live with the consequences of the things I say and do without the governor that is my medication. I boil over any time someone tells me that I would be just fine on my own, because it hurts. It brings back the memories of how many people that I have pushed away by saying things so hurtful they can’t stand the sight of me. It brings back the memories of how horrible I was to my parents when I was growing up, just because they didn’t understand and I couldn’t control it. You’re lucky. You don’t have to live with that every day. Knowing what a horrible beast you turn into, just because you don’t put a pill down your throat. I am Jekyl and Hyde.”

I shouldn’t blame the people who are ignorant of what those of us with life long disorders go through on a day to day basis. They honestly can’t comprehend housing this monster inside. I wish I could use words to share the experience, but no words will ever explain the pain, the anger, the darkness. I am a quiet pool of water, still and dark. No one knows that in the depths lie sharks and predators they could not fathom.

This is why I take medications. To keep those demons from breaking the surface of my quiet, calm water.

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